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We make life easier for everyone that owns, fixes, rents, insures and uses a car

We provide an automated solution for car damage detection that enables our customers to: reduce cost, increase revenue, and create superior end-customer journeys

Car Damages

In Europe alone, there are more than 94 million car rentals, many with damages detected. The process is time consuming and expensive. Documenting these damages, and when they occurred, is crucial.

Building Damages

Building damages is increasingly recognized as a serious, economic and sustainability concern. A key aspect of building damage mitigation is understanding them. Wenn has developed a unique taxonomy especially built for AI to better prepare buildings for the future.

A proprietary AI-based technology that is about to revolutionize the way we treat value exchange in mobility

Automate damage detection and provide accurate and timely documentation without disrupting the traffic flow.

Help car rental companies document the turnaround efficiently at smaller locations with lower volume

Provide fleet operators, car rentals, mobility & repair shops instant damage assessment and comparison.

Wenn provides dedicated tools for various needs


Wenn can help...

  • Car Rental & Mobility
  • Auto Repair Shops
  • Damage Control Companies
  • Insurance Providers

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