Simplifying the car damage process for everyone

Wenn combines powerful technology with superior customer experience to make car damage handling effortless.

Through an end-to-end solution, Wenn automates and optimizes the car damage handling for fleet operators, insurance providers, auto repair shops, and damage control companies—adding value for everyone through each step of the chain.

Car Accidents

In Scandinavia alone, more than 2.5 million car insurance claims are filed annually. The process can be tedious and cause a lot of distress.

Building Damages

Flooding and fires can hit when least expected. The claim and recovery processes involve a lot of stakeholders, and are time-consuming and costly.

Wenn aims to remove all friction from car damage handling through intelligent processes using advanced technologies.

Automate damage detection and provide accurate and timely documentation.

Help end users to automate external inspection of a vehicle.

Provide end users & repair shops instant damage assessment & cost estimations.

Wenn provides dedicated tools for various needs


Wenn can help...

  • Car Rental & Mobility
  • Auto Repair Shops
  • Damage Control Companies
  • Insurance Providers

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