Our Team

The people behind Wenn have decades of experience from a broad range of industries, spanning from software development to delivering major O&G projects. We have specific competence and experience in optimizing and streamlining costly processes, delivering low downtime, and creating superior customer experience. The team is now bringing this specific experience to help automate, optimize, and create improved customer journeys in the car rental industry.

Trygve Pedersen


Rolf Seloter


Gian Kolbjørnsen


Tommy Sundt


Ole-Martin Høyrem


Roald Wikene

IT/IS Manager / IoT Product Owner

Lillian Jeanette Paterson

Product Manager

Christoffer Kolbjørnsen

Annotation & Support Manager

Mathias Kirkerød

Lead Embedded Developer

Simen Iversen

Lead Reviewer

Yvonne Smith

Project Manager

Faraz Barzideh

Senior Deep Learning Scientist

Mette Helgevold Årstad

HR Manager

Benedicte T.N. Økland

Leader Property

Thor Egil Kolltveit

Enterprise Architect